Updated Monday 27 June 2005


Last Gig: Wye Valley School, June 25

Rumours abounded that this was to be the last ever Burn gig and several familiar faces were asking what it was all about? Was it the end or maybe a new beginning?

Drummer Ross Elder was concentrating on the job in hand and was instrumental in organizing the stage area and the 3 bands who were setting up. Johnny arrived with the PA which was shared by all bands.

First up was Aolis, a 4 piece teen age band whose bass player had left recently forcing the 2 guitarists to share the bass duties between them. An admiral job, thought The Critic and they performed a half an hour of rock covers, stand outs being Back In Black, All Right Now and Snowblind. Johnny remarked that "any singer who can cover AC/DC songs gets my full admiration. Top men."

Next was The Alfredo Contract who were slightly older guys and had been together for a few years. This was an awesome show of original material full of clever time changes and storming riffs. Drummer Zac was a pupil of Ross's and the teacher looked on with a big grin on his face as he propelled the rocket-fuel driven band through their set. Great songs, great guitar playing, extremely cool, solid bass player with killer sound and powerhouse drumming. Johnny said "These guys are far better than we were at their age. Sickeningly talented. I hate them!"

Finally, Burn went on for 2 sets. Running through songs from their set list of the last 12 years they were inspired. It was one of the best shows they had ever done and a joy to be part of. Rob put aside any bad feelings and played his socks off. Ross knew he had to be good after Zac's performance and met the challenge head on with a great display. He invited Zac up for a tremendous drum duet/duel which had the 2 skin beaters crossing the stage to swap kits. Brilliant! Zac stayed on for a few more numbers and Ross loved it. Johnny was in fine voice and was clearly enjoying himself.

The crowd gave the band 2 encores and everyone said what a great success the whole evening had been.

A great end to the current line up of Burn.

Last Gig: Garibaldi's, June 24

There was a small audience for this gig but it proved, as always to be a fun one. Rob rushed in at 8-45 and set up quickly, clearly harassed. Still, the first half was the usual rocking stuff and those that were there got into it.

Ross and Johnny helped themselves to food supplied by Steve, who's birthday it was and dancing was supplied by rock chicks, Sharon and Cathy.

In the second half, things began to take off a bit until Rob's ear plugs slipped and he realised the bass was actually plugged in. Normally he tunes his ear plugs to remove all bass guitar frequencies but this time they had let him down. He took this all in his stride, though and continued to the end of the gig in a professional manner, no-one suspecting that he was a little less than his usual laughing, smiling, happy demeanour.

Not one of the great Burn gigs.

Last Gig: The Crown, May 29

The third and last of the 3 Counties Tour took the band to another familiar venue and one that never fails to deliver. It didn't seem like Boxing Day that they were last here but now the sun shone and it was extremely hot.

Rob was on his smaller rig and Ross was 100% acoustic as the venue is fairly small. However, Johnny was on full bass gear as he'd burst his smaller combo and it needed to go to the amp hospital. "Probably broke it by turning it up to the same volume as his big rig!" Rob suggested which Johnny felt was totally unreasonable as he'd kept his volume to a very conservative level. Indeed, Life Long Fan and cricketer Colin said tonight was the best balance he'd ever heard from Burn. For the last song of the night, Bullfrog Blues, Johnny removed his ear plugs to check and almost fainted with the volume - especially the singing. He reckons that Rob never complains about the singing volume cos "it's all top end and his ears are shot. He can only hear sub-sonic bass levels so that's why he moans about the bass guitar."

Rob countered this with a swift "bollox" and delivered a stunning Mistreated complete with comedy intro. This was Burn at full tilt. However, there's always room for interpretation and both Johnny and Rob bluffed a middle section to Empty Rooms that bore no resemblance to the original song nor each others playing... and they knew it. Not that Ross escaped lightly with his confusion over Burn's middle section that became a train wreck. Johnny countered this with totally losing the plot in Fool For Your Loving from which there was no escape..

However, the gig was a real stormer and punters called for encores long after the band had finished, packed up and headed for the motorway.


Last Gig: The Belle Vue, May 28

Second gig on the trot and this time the band were back on familiar territory. The Belle Vue has become one of their favourite gigs over the last few years and it was excellent to see so many regular faces.

Starting with what has become the normal opening number Stormbringer, the band were firing on all cylinders. Everyone was on form and they showed their versatility by playing only a couple of songs from last nights set. Another storming version of Mistreated had the crowd cheering and Rob was on fire for this one. Johnny gave his best Glenn Hughes imitation by spanning 3 octaves in a screaming frenzy and Ross piled in holding it all together. Burn and Space Truckin' were also highlights though it seemed Johnny was struggling on the high notes for Still I'm Sad. "No, I wasn't," countered the Busy Bass player. "I just couldn't get anywhere near them. I tried standing on a chair but all I did was bump my head on the lights and everyone laughed."

The Wycombe Faithful were waiting for Catch The Rainbow and they got a great version. Rob shone on this one though Johnny & Ross waited with baited breath to hear which intro he would do. We got the Sas-timing version which always causes much mirth.

Everyone was happy and the band held a little post gig drinks session at Ross's house - very Rock 'n' Roll!

Last Gig: The Pineapple, May 27

It has been many months since Burn last played at The Pineapple and a lot of work has gone on making the whole place a really good venue. Sadly, the turn out was disappointing though it was great to see familiar faces like Colin & Sue, Joe, Tina, Michaela and Ally. Their enthusiasm kept the spirits up as the Band needed a good gig after last week.

Johnny spanked another new Rickenbacker and continued his recent spate of good singing. Mistreated was a highlight with Rob playing his own unique interpretation of the intro but Ross was not going to let him off the beat and held it all together. Ross used his electronic triggers and the band have grown completely accustomed to the sound and now view this as the norm.

Still I'm Sad got another play and it sounded powerful but it still suffered from lack of rehearsal.

All in all, an average gig and the punters could have expected more.

Last Gig: The Gate, May 21

A gig of 2 halves, this was. A very poor turn out for The Gate, it seemed that the band was going to be going to be playing to a half empty pub.

It started well however, the band steaming into the set with all guns blazing. Ross had thrown off his recent car problems and was playing powerfully with his electronic triggers giving his drums a huge sound. Johnny was twice the vocalist he'd been only a month ago and now seemed back to full power. A brand new black Rickenbacker bass was the weapon of choice and he felt sure the whole of Great Missenden deserved to hear it. Reports from far and wide seemed to indicate they did.

"Have the RAF been testing low level flying again?" A Concerned Woman

"My cows dried up immediately," Farmer Palmer

"Your bass is making me physically sick," Rob Sas

Rob blasted through the first set like a Guitar God and it was on target for being a really good gig. A particularly excellent version of Mistreated was delivered and the set closed with the return of a rather under-rehearsed Still I'm Sad. However, he did an "AC Milan" and disappeared in the second half. A large St Bernard's dog was sent out with brandy to try & locate the schizoid guitar player and after 45 minutes discovered him lurking in a remote spot on the stage not far from the rest of the band.

A disappointing ending to a promising gig.

Last Gig: Lechlade Village Hall, May 14

This gig nearly didn't happen! At 6 o'clock as Rob & Johnny started to load their cars, they got a phone call from a forlorn Ross whose mighty armoured personnel carrier had packed up at Oxford. "You guys go on without me, I'll be ok, just leave me here." he claimed later he heroically said. Johnny refuted this by remembering him whimpering like a broken man and wanting his Mummy.

Anyway, Rock Babe Chick Kathy leaped into her car and drove out to rescue the crying drummer. What a heroine! The gig then started late but no-one minded.

The band played a stormer though Rob later thought he wasn't quite on form. "I need more practice," he bleated later. Johnny felt there was little point breaking the habits of a lifetime at this stage and turned in a very good performance using the mighty Gibson Thunderbird bass. Vocally, he was back to full power and had his ears syringed since the last gig. This he immediately regretted on hearing the volume the band actually played at, and the interesting, subtle additions Rob added to the songs. "Yes, cock-ups, more like," he explained.

However, the kids flocked round the stage at Rob's feet taking notes and wondering what strings he uses. He built up a nice little fan base tonight and Ross also spent time talking to the kids and answering questions. Sadly, no-one asked Johnny anything and he felt slighted. "No-one really appreciated the subtle colours that I add to the music with my mighty bass. I'm very undervalued."

Rob opinioned that he was worth at least a quid and to leave the music to the real musicians in the band. Johnny attacked him at this point and the last heard was Ross going off in a car with Rob's woman, leaving the others to reach a mutual conclusion.

Or kill each other.  

Last Gig: Rising Sun, April 9

It's a late start and a late finish at The Rising Sun in downtown Slough on a Saturday night and The Burn Boys were taking no prisoners. Ross had his full electronic muscle power augmentation to frighten the punters and he wasn't afraid to use it. He was in great form and clearly enjoyed himself. So much so that he played a 30 second drum solo to finish Rock 'n' Roll which he normally omits. This caused one guy in the audience to leap to the front and gave Ross some "you're the man" signs just as if he had been a proper drummer.

Big Stan from Poland was back for more and brought some friends with him this time. In fact, there was a large Polish contingent here tonight which is very fine as Rob is of Polish nobility. However, he can't speak a word of the language so no-one ever believes him. Johnny says "he may be a Pole but I have other 4-letter words for him."

Rob played well and had most of the audience eating out of his hands. One girl actually bought the band a drink and indicated just how great she thought Rob was (musically speaking, we think). Due to an unfortunate leaking roof he had set up in a slightly different position and blasted his mighty guitar straight at Johnny. Did he complain? Did he object? Of course not, for he is always the consummate professional and will remind The Sas Man of this when he bleats on about how loud the bass is or "I can still hear your rhythm guitar in The Self Righteous Bros."

Johnny was on about 60% vocal power but is still recovering from the cold which has led to 3 weeks of throat problems. He played the gig with one ear blocked but was not the only one with hearing difficulties. Obviously it has spread to certain drummers who entertained the band by starting different songs to those selected by the singer!

"Well, I seldom listen to what's being said in between songs and in one case I had actually started Hold Your Head Up and then Johnny mumbled something about Long Train Running. Doesn't he listen to me?"

"Yeah, I thought he was just tuning his kit," responded Johnny. "...or building a fence. It didn't sound like any song I knew."


Last Gig: Garibaldi's, April 1

Garibaldi's is a small venue and the band always starts the evening with doubts about how good the evening will be, yet it always is an excellent gig. The folks who go to the pub are very friendly and supportive of Burn so the band can't help but play well. Also, they get threatened with non payment and violence if they don't deliver so that always sharpens up the concentration.

Rob took a leaf out of Johnny's book this time and brought his smaller, Jellytone combo. This helped control the volume though he did have to turn it right up in order to block out the drums and bass in the Sas style.

Johnny croaked his way through the set, still suffering from the bad throat he'd been enjoying for 2 weeks. He risked Highway To Hell and it was a passable attempt though it put one in mind of a cross between Lee Marvin and Lemmy, without the vocal sophistication. "It's getting better, though," he suggested.

Ross played his drums, much as a real drummer might, and was happy to see several people dancing along to the music. "Good," he said. "It stops them from listening too carefully." Johnny noted that one punter had already thrown up all over the front door steps and was happily waiting for Ross to step in it - a situation that always causes much mirth. However, the landlord washed it away with a big basin of soapy water. Pity!

A good version of Catch The Rainbow was played and after a couple of encores the band was finished. Another cracker at The Garibaldi!

Rob was loaded and out in record breaking time with his lady Kathy in tow. Johnny reckoned they must be racing off to get some fish 'n' chips for their supper.


Last Gig: The Gate, Mar 26

It seemed like it had been only last month the band had played The Gate..... wait a minute - it was. Unusual! Normally there are many months between appearances as the landlords like to give the neighbours a decent rest between ear bashings.

Last month the turnout was disappointing and greater things were hoped for. Alas, it was a similar story this time. Rumours of top Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led playing down the road in High Wycombe abounded but more likely it was the Easter weekend that reduced the numbers.

Johnny had the dreaded lurggy-bug that has been doing the rounds of just about everyone and, although he was better, his voice was shot. Even using his useful, standby vocal techniques of "shouting" and rexercise failed to help much. "God, I'm just crap," he admitted and new numbers like Mistreated, Still I'm Sad and Highway To Hell could not be performed.

Rob had no such problems tonight and, anxious to impress new lady Kathy, pulled out all the stops and gave a fine performance of lead guitar histrionics and willy waving. Starting all solos at a speed that Yngwie Malmsteen would describe as "too fast for me", he played every single note available on his guitar - and some that weren't. "Don't talk about taste to me, just give me velocity", said Speedy Sas as he widdled over a slow ballad.

Ross had his full amplified set up and made sure that he could be heard in Great Missenden. In fact, the whole county too for that matter. Using all his skill and techniques, some of which was appropriate, he drove the band along like a great, big driving thing and was rewarded by being left alone in the pub still packing drums up at the end when Rob & Johnny had already loaded their gear and gone home.

The band return in May and Johnny promises "no compromise this time". But then he added, "unless I'm ill again, of course. Or just tired".


Last Gig: The Black Horse, Mar 6

The last of the "3 Counties Tour" gigs was at the Black Horse in Kidlington and the boys were well up for it. However, Rob decided to use his smaller Line 6 Jellytone amplifier due, he explained, to a need for more direct sound interaction between himself, his speakers and the audience. "They'll really appreciate the amount of consideration I put into my performances and it's all for their benefit. I love my public."

"What crap!" responded Johnny. "He just couldn't be arsed lifting his big Marshall gear for the 3rd night on the trot."

Another argument developed regarding the intro to Mistreated but this Rob had listened to the original and was totally prepared. Or so he said. He demonstrated it quietly prior to the gig and Johnny dismissed it as "crap." Ross said that he was going to keep the beat steady and if Rob wavered from it as he had been known to do then that was just tough, and everyone would laugh at him. Incredibly, he played it spot on....more or less.

Ross was enhanced in an electrical way again tonight and Johnny took no prisoners with his 6 string Sei Bass and his Mighty Voice. "Yes, I am getting stronger," he mused. "But, these days even if I can't make the notes then I just make a Joe Cocker screammy noise to indicate where the note might be and everyone seems happy enough. I call it Cocking It Up and it's a pretty good sister technique to my Rexercise method that I devised last year."

A poll, taken after the gig revealed that no-one noticed any difference whatsoever in Johnny's singing and whilst that would seem to indicate that he's wasting his time in fantasy land, he maintained that this was positive proof that it was working. "My mate, John Randall of The Beaver Band  http://www.beaverband.co.uk/  said I was the best singer on stage tonight so there you go."

There was a stonking version of title track Burn and the 2 new songs are firmly ensconced in the set. Rob was happy, especially as he had packed up and was in his car driving home whilst Johnny and Ross were still dismantling gear. On Friday, Johnny stayed late to assist his big percussive rhythm brother to put his massive amount of gear in the car but now, 3 days later and worn out, he happily left him to it! Big Pal.


Last Gig: The Swiss Chalet, Mar 5

The Swiss Chalet is probably the furthest regular gig that the Burn Boys travel to but it's usually so good that they continue to do it 3 or 4 times a year. Many of the Lechlade regulars make the journey to this venue so it was good to see Colin, Lynne and Barbara in attendance though a threatened visit from Charlie and Alan didn't come off so there will be repercussions next time!

Though it was not as busy as some previous gigs there, it was still respectable though the audience seemed more subdued than usual. The band adhered to the old adage that "just cos they're not clapping doesn't mean they aren't enjoying it" and just got stuck in. The two new ones worked well though an argument developed as Rob has taken to playing his own intro to Mistreated. Ross was quick to remonstrate that this intro was, perhaps, not as accurate as Mr Blackmore's 1974 classic version.

"....and you play it out of time," he added.

Rob took this criticism on board and vowed to re-listen to the CD before tomorrow, pausing only to call Ross a fat bastard "and anyway, my version sounds better."

Drummer/singer Steve was in the audience tonight with friends and it was good to see him again. He nearly got bought a drink by Burn but they came to their senses in time and Colin bought them instead. Fast Freddie, no stranger to the Happy Mondays dance routine, gave his all, assisted by liberal doses of alcohol and provided merriment of the "look at him - he's bolloxed" variety.

Ross asked Johnny to play his 1958 Fender bass "cos it sounded the best" but Johnny explained that there was a problem. He'd been given a pack of heavy duty strings by a local music shop (25 worth) and, on fitting them, it appeared they had pulled the neck and he had to loosen them off, rendering the guitar unplayable. The Sei bass did the honours. However, he and Rob suffered from noisy gear syndrome and mysterious buzzes. Rob was worried he was going to lose the whole set up but it all recovered in time.

Good gig but far from being a classic.


Last Gig: The Green Dragon, Mar 4

Back to The Green Dragon on a Friday night and this was the first of three gigs on the trot.

"It's the 3 counties tour," said Johnny as he set up both his bass gear and his voice. Some singers favour scales and warm up exercises but Johnny chose to get stuck into Rob with criticism.

"Yes, I find that mutual verbal slagging with Rob is beneficial both to my velvet voice and his golden guitar. Plus, I hate him."

Rob agreed with this viewpoint, adding that "11 years together - would have been less if I'd murdered the git!"

Ross chose an electrically enhanced set up tonight and also chose to add his opinion of both his band mates.

"Both shite," he offered.

The 2 new songs were very successful, Highway To Hell really powered along and Still I'm Sad ended the first set where it may remain as it went down very well with the punters. Rob was in total show off mode as he had a new lady in tow and was eager to impress, not least of all with his guitar playing. The band was as tight as a really tight thing after being tightened by a tight spanner and Ross was happily handing out gig lists afterwards to many people.


Last Gig: The Bel Vue, Feb 26

The Bel Vue has become a real Burn stronghold over recent years and tonight was no exception. It was well attended and the Burn boys debuted (officially) a couple of new songs. Highway To Hell had been half attempted before but now it had been rehearsed ("rehashed more like," - Johnny) and it got the full treatment. Everyone agreed it was pretty good.

"I'm happy cos it's very hard for me to sing," said Johnny.

"Hard to listen to you sing, more like," countered Rob and a fight started.

Ross had a recurrence of his old war wounds with his hands stiffening up during the evening. Some of the older readers might remember his operation which he had done to cure the tendonitis and he was sidelined for weeks. He seemed hopeful that it was not going to come back to stay.

Still I'm Sad was a number Rob had been keen to do for years so that he could play at being Ritchie Blackmore even more than usual and this was very successful. There had been doubts that Johnny could sing it but he rose to the occasion and even Rob was happy. He gushed compliments to Johnny: "Well, you didn't suck, after all."

A great evening all round. Next week comes the 3 counties tour.


Last Gig: The Gate, Feb 12


 "Ah, The Gate - the scene of some of our bestest gigs. It's always busy here," said Johnny, just prior to arriving and finding the venue a third full.

Perhaps it was Valentine's Day coming up or something equally expensive but it was a very poor turn out. Burn started well enough with Ross easing back on the tempo's of some of the faster numbers.

"Well, I heard our live recording recently and it seems that we are all on speed as everything is played at twice the normal tempo."

It was much better and things were fairly swinging until the break. The band was tight and the sound was good. Johnny was in great voice. However, Big Jim was accosted by some drunk audience member and it got a little threatening. The band were unaware at the time or else they could have pretended to fix their gear and not get involved. The small crowd of punters were enthusiastic, though Ross and Rob were not up for doing any encores despite the shouts for "more" going on for a few minutes. Rob seemed less than happy with the evening and missed out several of his traditional nihilistic, bombardment endings to songs.

"Never mind," said Johnny. "We're back in March and we'll jolly well rock the place to it's foundations," he threatened.


Last Gig: Garibaldi's, Slough, Jan 28th

"Have they moved the venue since last time? It's not where I thought it was." Johnny began his evening badly by stopping outside a McDonalds restaurant which clearly was not a Burn type gig. Luckily, it was round the corner where Ross & Rob were already setting up and, as Johnny had brought his smaller combo due to the limited size of the place, he was ready to rock, if only at a polite volume.

Rob, believing his public might be short changed if they didn't experience the full-on Sas phenomenon, used his Marshall gear although Ross remained acoustic only.

Johnny called the first number. Summer of 69 and then looked up surprised as Rob started Get It On. Rather than cause any harmonic dissonance out of spite, Johnny played along and then the band delivered the Bryan Adams classic next up. None of the audience sussed anything and drummer Ross suspected nothing. Anyway, it turned out he was playing Space Truckin to both songs! "Well, my whole style is based around 2 or 3 patterns so I can interchange them at anytime, anywhere. I call it musical versatility."

"Limited ability, I say," said Johnny behind Ross's back.

"It covers up the bits where he gets lost," added Rob.

A member of the audience called for some ACDC. It so happened that Rob had been learning it recently and Ross had always loved the song. Johnny re-cycled the 4 or 5 words he did know and the band played it. It was ok and will remain in the set from now on. Not so the attempt to play Joe Cocker's version of A Little Help From My Friends which lacked several key parts which make up this classic. "Yes, it was more COCKED than COCKER," moaned Johnny.

"I still say the bass is too loud," moaned Rob. "He may have used his little 50 watt combo with only a third of his normal speakers but.... I could still hear it!" To deal with this imbalance, Rob has a new plan to remove his own ear plugs in order to hear the 100 watt Marshall stack he stand 3 feet in front of and, instead, offer his plugs to the audience. "Yes, it's a complete reversal but I should be able to turn right up and drown the bass out completely this way."

The audience received the band very well and this is turning out to be a great little gig. The band returns in April.


Last Gig: The Rising Sun, Slough, Jan 22nd

This venue is becoming a Burn stronghold after two very successful gigs here last year. It was a year ago to the week that this line up of Burn played here although Johnny & Rob remember playing here years before with drummer Simon(e).

This was pub rock at it's best. Loud, hard and sweaty, and that was just the girls. Rob felt his playing was getting better after a recent low patch (in his opinion, not the Critic's). Searing leads were the order of the day and he seemed to enjoy himself. Mind you, his own highly individualistic, interpretation of the intro to Mistreated keeps Ross & Johnny constantly guessing. Where is the one?

Ross was a sick boy tonight and had to fight off the lurggy which had threatened most people this winter. He confessed to almost turning round and going home but probably was scared of the abuse that he would have had heaped on him for being such a "jelly boy." Digging deep, he was brilliant though suffering severe hand pain towards the end. When an encore was called for, he suggested a nice, gentle ballad like Mona Lisa or a little, nifty pop number like Sweets for My Sweet but Rock 'n' Roll was what they got. He was a knackered man by the end.

Unlike last time, there were no parking tickets for the boys and they all went home happy. There were many accolades from the punters,

"Thanks for a great evening," Rob's new girlfriend. (Rob - "but she wasn't there!!")

"Fantastic, the best band ever in the whole world," Phillip Pirrip

"Just like a real band," Deep Purple


Last Gig: The Royal British Legion, Jan 15th

On the face of it this seemed an unlikely venue for Burn. A nice middle of the road band or even the slightly dangerous Self-Righteous Bros would have been more appropriate but the good people of Chesham were probably not expecting the World's Loudest Guitarist and his mates. Would Rob tone it down? Would Ross use brushes? Would Johnny need a microphone?

"I have a mission," said Rob. The Mighty Marshall Man had been complaining only the night before of a falling off in his playing but tonight he took no prisoners. "The world deserves to hear my guitar," he added before soldering the volume control to MAXIMUM.

"You'll never get it loud enough, mate," advised Big Pal/bassist /vocalist Johnny Heywood. "I doubt they'd hear that beyond Amersham, loud though it certainly be."

Johnny had been suffering voice problems since New Year's Eve ("all his life, more like." - Guitar Guy) but struggled through by using the famous technique he devised called "shouting". "Yes, when talent has gone I can always use that old stand-by. Also my legendary Rexercise singing method can be relied on completely to help out a bad throat."

Ross gave a very strong performance, not least of all on the drums which he hit in a manner suggesting he had taken lessons. "Yes, it's true," laughed the Sweaty Scottish Cymbal Sizzler. "See my interview where I talk about my mentor, Tommy Donnelly, who taught me everything. What he didn't know about drums....." He paused and then added, "well I just got from a big book."

It was great to see several friends in the audience, some were sober, too. Best request of the night was for Little Wing which was requested by the parents of the bride whose wedding reception was taking place upstairs in the function suite. They must have ducked out to watch the band! Marvellous choice! However, some of the Legion's less rockular regulars denounced the band in no uncertain terms.

"It's a disgrace. They are far too loud." - Mavis Davis

"A bloody noise. I waited for a foxtrot all night." - Col. Mustard

"We don't want their type here again. Those nice Self Righteous Chappies are far better." - Mrs. Frank Ifield

"I only came in cos the beer's really cheap." - Hugh Pugh

It'll be interesting to see if the band is re-booked. Some committee members were less than happy with the band but the club was the busiest it had been for weeks. Time will tell.