The Belle Vue, December 26

The final gig of 2009 and there was no place better than the Belle Vue to end the year on a high. The boys may have been bloated on Christmas turkey but the sounds they made were lean and hungry and there was a more relaxed party atmosphere which was remarked upon by regular Burn attendees.

There was Rob Sas, full of Christmas Spirit, mostly from a bottle but dispensing musical gifts like some rock & roll Santa Clause bringing joy to the World and taking punters back to a more innocent time when a big fat, bearded old man sneaking into a child's room was quite acceptable and in fact, encouraged. Christmas chimes certainly rang out when Rob led the congregation through several Xmas carols of a more classic, guitar based rock angle such as Smoke On The Water which only lacked a few Solstice bells and a glass of punch to keep everyone merry. It was said that if anyone knew how to keep a rock & roll Christmas then it was Robbie "Ebenezer" Sas and here's to him.

Appearing not unlike a Ghost of Xmas past was bassist/vocalist Johnny Heywood who reminded all of what had gone before through his powerful bass playing which seemed to belong to a bygone era when a bowl of  gruel and tuppence worth of bread would suffice for a manís supper. He reduced the audience to tears with his emotive singing like a lonely schoolboy left behind in an empty classroom wishing for his Father's forgiveness. It was said that if anyone knew how to keep a rock & roll Christmas then it was Johnny "Tiny Tim" Heywood and humbug to anyone who disagrees.

Spreading joy amongst the revellers was drummer Ross Elder who came on like some rock & roll Mr Fezziwig, sparing no expense to keep the party swinging. Business was forgotten and the lean times pushed aside as Ross helped those who were down to get back up and celebrate the joys of life in a rocking sort of way. It may not have made him financially better off but the joy he brought to everyone was enough of a reward for the percussive man. It was said that if anyone knew how to keep a rock & roll Christmas then it was it was the Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come in the form of the Elder statesman of Burn whose business was music and Mankind.

At the end of the evening there were many who felt as if they hadn't slept through Christmas after all, such was the happiness brought upon them by this fine, rocking band of troubadours. It was said that if anyone knew how to keep a rock & roll Christmas then it was Burn and as they all agreed at the end, "God bless 'em, every one."



The Norman King, Dunstable, December 12

It was nice of Mr Norman King to invite the band to play at his public house and it is always great to play a new venue as too many bands are chasing too few gigs at the moment. Norman wasn't in residence tonight but the band played as if he was but didn't seem to win over too many punters.

It was a good start as a very nice spread had been laid on by local lady Mrs Agnes Liverspot and it was no time at all before drummer Ross Elder helped himself to a paper plate stuffed full of goodies. "Really, we should have a rider like this at all our gigs. It'd set me up a treat to play," he declared, before burping his way to the drum stool.

A top singer such as Johnny Heywood knows never to sing on a full stomach for reasons, a. It resonates better on an empty tum and b. Burp danger during difficult vocal passages. Of course, that would never stop him stuffing his face on free grub so a plate of chicken legs and mini pork pies disappeared before the opening number.

Guitarist Rob Sas  was very conscious of not fitting into his ballet-tight jeans so abstained from any nourishment to add to his wasted guitarist image. However, after a few minutes of this, greed got the better and he joined the two porkers-in-rhythm and simply held his guitar a couple of inches further out from his gut to compensate.

All this had nothing to do with the music but alas, there we hit a low point. Even valiant suggestions of Johnny's to play a bluesy Man's World were pooh-poohed by Rob and it was a very average gig by Burn standards. Some punters claimed that a popular local band had taken many regulars with them to a gig not far away and were kind enough to say nice things about Burn but there was no doubting this was a gig from hell.

If there is to be a rematch, it will probably be without Ross who wants to play more with other rival bands and called a meeting to discuss the situation as soon as possible.


The Cock Tavern, Chesham, December 5

Drummer Ross Elder had decided to play with rival rockers Abakus tonight and that left the way open for Wingsbanned's Lee Herbert to step into the breach. Lee takes no prisoners when he plays and tonight he was in murderous mood. If a gap showed it's head then he was onto it and filled it with a thunderous roll or lightning lick as he pummelled his kit into submission. There was only one winner tonight on this rock and roll ring and it was heavyweight Lee.

Bassist Johnny is no stranger to playing with Lee and attempted to match him note for hit. When the drummer changes then the bass should change too so as to accommodate the change of style and Johnny was like a svelte welterweight, probing and jabbing and looking for a weakness then hitting out whenever he could. There were a few occasions when he was back on the ropes but at the bell he came out fighting again.

Flyweight Rob Sas is used to a more gentle sparring partner with Ross and found the step-up in weight a little hard at first. However, it's not for nothing that this pint sized, part time punching machine is reckoned to be the main contender for the rock & roll Lonsdale Belt and he quickly delivered a few upper cuts and forced a technical knockout with a smooth left hook.

None of this has anything to do with music which was as excellent as ever. Gary Davis, also from Wingsbanned was invited up for a couple of songs and yet another Wingsbanned member, Ian Herbert, Lee's brother jumped up to sing one number, Medicine Jar but this free for all was stopped before anyone asked for any money.

Sad to report that this was the final gig at this venue as it changed hands and ceased live music shortly after this gig. Another venue bites the dust!

Only two more gigs remain before Burn bid farewell to 2009


The Holly Tree, Adlestone, November 28

A new venue for the band and a most promising start from Burn.

An inordinately large number of girls seemed to frequent the Holly Tree so that was a good beginning. Fears that this might not be Burn's type of gig quickly vanished and the boys played a great set. With help from Burn Buddy Warren and family there was a partisan throng which helped but none the less there were many who complimented the band by the close of play.

Alcohol took it's toll amongst Burn ladies and their provocative dancing spurred the boys on to greater heights though it may have had repercussions in the head department by morning. Still, inter girl dancing is to be encouraged says the Head of Burn's PC policy, Dick Buggery.

Burn got re-booked for 2010 then stopped off at Warren's for a very rock & roll cup of tea.


The Belle Vue, High Wycombe, November 21

At last the return to the Belle Vue and a second chance to record the Burn live album. It was a very wet Saturday evening in High Wycombe but it would take a lot to dampen the spirit of the Band. The previous gig here had been recorded but due to a faulty hard disc on the recorder, none of the music was useable due to slips and jumps like an old record!

Tonight the band honed the set back for business and got down to it nice and early. The usual Belle Vue audience was there willing the boys along and making plenty of noise. Rob got over his red-light-itus that had led to a few gaffs last time and settled down to play as only he can. He had his volume patches under control and knew when to switch on the loud lead sounds without causing problems to the sound engineer. Yes, Rob was in his element.

Johnny had chosen his 62 Fender Precision as the bass of choice and it sounded great, grinding the bass lines out like a buzz saw but anchoring the bottom end at the same time. Top line was Johnny's voice loud and clear and he pronounced himself happy with the results. "Yes, I'm happy with the results," he said as if to prove it. "Though Les said there was a little distortion when I sang dead loud." Yes, it seemed that the mighty Heywood voice in conjunction with the Harmoniser used since 1997 did cause a little over the top input value resulting in a "watery" distorted effect which may be taken out the final mix or indeed, "left in cos that's what it sounded like."

However, in amongst all this warm, good feeling was a complaining Ross Elder on drums. It started in the second half. He requested the bass cabinet be turned away from the drum position as there was a loud uncomfortable low end boom which was bothering the percussion man. "And turn the vocals down too," he requested clearly singling Johnny out in a definite race motivated attack. Unfortunately, the bass cabinet was by now wedged in with mike stands and cymbals stands and was  moving nowhere. Johnny did turn the monitor off so the vocals only went out front and still the banging man was not appeased. To his credit, he held it together although he later felt he had been unable to give it his all out attack as he could not hear exactly what he was doing. The recording will bear this professionalism out..... or sound pants, it's a difficult call. The booming remains a mystery as no-one else heard it and it's not on the recording but Ross may have been sitting in a "bass trap" where a certain frequency is overloud. A couple of pictures in the gallery show this evening in all it's glory.

A great gig, a great crowd and it reminded the band why they still play together over 16 years later. Another great night is planned for Boxing Day where many Xmas standards and old yule time favourites will get aired.


The Wheatsheaf, Leighton Buzzard, November 14

Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder but in any case the boys hadn't been here in a year and needed to make up some ground. Many familiar faces were there and appeared puzzled as to why Burn had been away so long but from the opening bars it was clear it was going to be good one.

A gaggle of girls always brings out the best in Rob Sas and tonight he used his axe like a mighty penis. Throwing rock & roll shapes and poses as he attacked his instrument is always guaranteed to get a young girl's heart a fluttering and Rob is the king of Shape Shifting. No riff was too loud, no lick was too fast and no prisoners were taken as he displayed his bag of talent for all to see, but mainly the girls. His accuracy was uncanny at times though he played down his own ability at the interval and vowed to try harder after the break.

Drummer Ross Elder had forgotten what it was like to play with a bass player who actually listens to him and tries to keep up but tonight he had words of praise for Johnny Heywood. This in turn brought out the best in the Banging Man who literally played his socks off driving the band along and wowing the fans with his fills and para-diddles sometimes at the same time.

Johnny sang well but was not yet up to scratch after a bad throat but who cared? Not the punters at The Wheatsheaf. Making his own moves with the mighty White Fender Precision Bass was all anyone needed to know and see and the boy covered all the ground that other bands need two guys to do and he was paid only half.

Hopefully it won't be as long before Burn replays this gig. Tonight was a night that should have been recorded for this elusive Live album which is still on the cards. However, that particular event is scheduled for next week.


The Cock Tavern, Chesham, October 9

Another month passed before the Burn boys could be unleashed on the World again and this time it was the Cock Tavern in Chesham - a venue known very well to Johnny & Rob in their guise as The Self-Righteous Bros but untried as a gig for a loud rocking band. Very often this situation is referred to as "a gig from hell" but this turned out to be quite different.

With a 10pm start delayed by half an hour, it was clearly going to be a late night but it did give the audience time to grow. In the end it was a respectable crowd with many ladies present (unlike the normal Burn male oriented audience) and they warmed to the band especially during the gayer numbers which the band hold back for such occasions.

Rob & Johnny enjoyed themselves and played like true rock stars albeit in a limited sized pub rock venue. In their eyes it's always the Madison Square O2 Stadium and it's always 1973. This is a good approach to life and rock music and has always held these two rockin' boys in good stead. Sadly, Ross Elder, a drummer of mixed emotions was not happy and when he discovered it was a 1am finish, he was less than enthralled.

Still, he got on with the job and played a functional set with a cup of Horlicks by his side and a bottle of Night Nurse and no-one was any the wiser.

Finishing with All Right Now and Smoke On The Water, the boys disappeared into the early hours of the morning with the promise of a rebook fresh in their ears.


The White Lion, Marsworth, September 12

After almost a month off from Burn duties, this chance to play a Music festival at The White Lion, Marsworth came up and the boys jumped at it. Rob & Johnny had played here many times before as a duo but this was outside in the sun, beside the canal and a very nice setting it was too!

Following a great "60's" covers band, Burn took to the stage at 4-15 in the afternoon - not a traditionally rock & roll time but the vibe was good. Audience reaction was pleasing as the punters swilled beer back and munched on burgers & hot dogs and applauded when hands were free.

Johnny plugged into the bass rig supplied by the venue and so had no setting up worries. Strange then that he should decide to play You Give Love A Bad name in the wrong key and what was worse, he didn't notice for the first verse or so. Sounded great. However, due to the lower frequencies of the bass, it is harder to tell when it is the offending instrument and the audience assumed that Rob had got it wrong. Johnny was quick not to correct them.

By 6pm they were finished and Ross & Rob were shooting off to other musical pursuits. A very enjoyable afternoon indeed.


Fox & Hounds, Woughton, August 15

The mighty Burn Machine rolled into Wroughton this evening for a return gig at the Fox which attracts many great bands despite it's smallish size because the punters appreciate good music! Word of mouth has spread from the last time the band played here and so the venue was busy.

Johnny had invested in a new PA head twice as powerful as the Watson he had been using for the last couple of years and it was noticeably clearer. That's nice as it saves the poor boy's vocal chords unnecessary strain and in fact, one discerning listener observed that he had "the perfect rock voice". This is a more encouraging remark than several years ago when Johnny was accused of being a soul singer in Burn which almost led to a fight. A full version of Child In Time was performed tonight instead of the truncated version normally "segged" into Long Train Running allowing Johnny to scream the upper notes which he usually leaves out for fear that people may laugh at him.

Rob and Ross had travelled together to this most furthest away of all gigs which has a later start and finish. This would normally upset Ross especially as he was designated driver but when he discovered the landlord had laid on free Indian food then he was in heaven. "Better than sex," he spluttered with his face full and then went back for seconds. He burped and belched his way through a drum solo in the second half but only the band members could tell due to the aromas floating freely from the percussion department.

Rob allowed himself free reign to express emotions and feelings that otherwise he would have taken out on his woman so that was a relief! Rob hasn't learned any new songs in 25 years but he does find new ways of playing the old ones in a very pleasing way and was in fine form tonight. A combination of volume, tone and attitude causing many to believe he knew what he was doing. Rob has always played the "musical heathen" card but his playing shows he really does understand music, just not necessarily the right names for what he is doing! By the way Rob, it's a CHROMATIC scale not  TRAUMATIC.

The Burn machine ceases playing for a few weeks as the summer rolls on.


Oddfellows, Hemel Hempstead, August 14

Oddfellows is a great musicians venue. Loads of top bands play there and the clientele are all music supporters which in this day and age is a much needed thing. Overall, attendance in bars and clubs has not recovered since the smoking ban and many venues are no longer taking bands. Grim times, indeed!

But not tonight as the Burn machine rolled into Hemel Hempstead. This was a very strong performance, firing on all cylinders with Ross pushing the band along like a man who had been revitalised by playing with other muso's. Wait a sec! He has been! Ross has been hiring himself out to Abakus and taking the money. Cries of "Judas" and "traitor" were uttered by Johnny but not to his face in case he heard and Rob was quick to bad mouth the opposition and hurl abuse although this may have been a strop and thus, without foundation.

Still, Rob is no stranger to spreading himself amongst rival band situations and numbers Deep Purple Tributes, Girlie Duo's and Welsh Boys amongst his various musical professions. Rob is favouring less "classic rock" settings these days and finds himself moving towards more commercial sounds such as Rihannon's "Umbrella-ella-ella" which the Burn fans can't wait to hear him interpret. He's such a diverse fella-ella-ella! Wait till we play that at the Bella-ella-ella Vue in Wycombe!

Bassist and sometime vocalist Johnny often forgets which band he is playing with at any given time and lists Beatles Tributes, Dodgy Duo's and assorted rock bands on his resume. If it pays then you can be certain Johnny is your man and never fails to remind anyone listening that it's "two for the price of one" - a reference to his uncanny ability to play bass and sing at the same time, often correctly.

There has been recent discussion that a new ZZ Top song and a Queen cover will make the set but don't hold your breath!

Tonight, however, the band proved that there's plenty of life in the old dogs yet.



The Rising Sun, Slough, August 8

Ross revealed that an early report on the live album recorded last week was not promising at all. Apparently, much of the gig had been "contaminated" by gremlins in the recording machine and had caused several jumps during the songs. Now, Burn never shies clear of making songs their own and jumps and tempo increases are all part of the magic of rock & roll but even they couldn't jump 1 second all together simultaneously throughout the evening.

No, the reasons remain technical and are the sole concern of engineer Les Payne who is still hopeful that the live album can yet be saved. If not, he'll record the band again.

This then, was the setting for the start of the return to Slough's Rising Sun. Johnny was particularly disappointed with the news as he felt the gig had been a personal triumph but Ross revealed that much of his vocal work had been distorted. It seems his voice had been too powerful for conventional machinery and this has forced an upgrade in the PA system as a result. Now he can be crystal clear again.

Guitarist Rob Sas was slightly happier as he felt he could do better anyway if the album is re-recorded as he felt a little victim of red light-itus. No stranger to recording, Rob used to run his own studio but has never felt comfortable knowing he is being captured for posterity. Johnny has tapes from the John Coghlan Band from some years ago featuring an "interesting" performance from the Sas Man which he is keeping for an appropriate blackmail moment. However, tonight Rob seemed a little pre-occupied and felt that he didn't give of his best. Maybe some new material might help?

Drummer Ross had organised the recording so was feeling particularly annoyed with the results. Still, he felt happier with himself as he had just joined Abakus, a covers rock band and had learned a whole new set of songs to fire himself up. Sadly, with Rob seemingly elsewhere, Ross lost interest and the band seemed to be going through the motions.

A fire cracker is needed up the jacksie!


The Belle Vue, High Wycombe, August 1

At last - the long awaited recording gig at the belle Vue. The word was out on the street that tonight was to be officially "great" and would be recorded by Les Payne's mobile studio for posterity. Ross Elder had prepared a set list which is a concept totally unknown to the members of Burn. Johnny introduced the band's intention to the audience and demanded a great reaction or they would be replaced by editing in crowd noises from "Made In Japan".

Johnny suggested that Highway Star might be a "stretch too far" for an opening number. Now, this song had been regularly performed as an opener for years (on & off) and nobody batted an eyelid but now, with the red light showing, perhaps an easier route might be prudent? Ross was annoyed and wondered why the set list hadn't been queried when he sent it to the band weeks before!

With that, the band kicked off and Johnny's fear was well realised as things went awry and tension took hold. Numbers normally performed with ease and gusto now seemed stilted and unsure. This phenomenon is known as "red light-itus" and seemed to be affecting Rob and Ross in particular as Mr Cock Up let his presence be known in an alarming fashion.

Johnny was not without fault but this amounted to one bit of one song so he was understandably vocal in his abuse which he hurled on the other two.

Sadly, it was all a wasted effort! The gremlins had got into Les's mighty hard disc recorder and rendered the whole night's work useless. Les went home and tried to salvage what he could but every song had a jump in it - like a CD failing to track correctly.

The gig itself was a triumph and one of the best Burn gigs ever despite the cock ups. There music was played with a real passion and fire and it should have been a night worth capturing for ever. So, Les will set up again when the band returns in November and this time they will get it right!


The Mermaid, St Albans, July 11

A brand new venue!! This is always welcome and sadly, a bit of a rarity these days. The band arrived with great trepidation to find a fairly small venue but one that was definitely full of rockular potential.

The audience were into it and that always helps though there were not that many who ventured out into the St Albans night to hear Burn's brand of musical tom-foolery.

The boys played well and got the necessary vibe going and wished for more to hear it although anyone within a half mile of the pub must have heard Rob's lead guitar sounds which have been entered into the draw for the 8th Wonder Of The World. (The wonder is he can still hear anything!)

Johnny was in good voice till some fool hardy woman asked for Highway To Hell and he rasped it out till he was hoarse but that's rock & roll for you.

Ross did some drumming too but none that need concern us here.

Suffice to leave it at that and keep the best quotes for another time. Now there is just one more charity warm up gig before the big recording date at the Belle Vue. It's all or nothing at that one!


Bike Dayz, Chinnor, July 4

Another biker bash! Last year's event was a great success so much was expected this time. Johnny turned up early and enjoyed the sun, the food, the drink and a reggae band who got a nice vibe going. Unusually for Burn, they were playing a fairly early spot - just after lunch and before high tea.

Today was all about rock with a capital Rrrrr. No pussy footing about - the real McCoy and no prisoners would be taken. There are some very good photos on the gallery and a fine time was had by all. Johnny used his small combo as the whole band was going through the PA but his Black Rickenbacker was a talking point amongst some other muso's. A man should have a Rick in his house wherever he is, whatever he does. No home is complete without.

Ross had no need of admiration from others. He was there to have a good time all the time and if others dug it then it was a double whammy. He played a terrific solo in between the Led Zeppelin brace but unfortunately came out in the wrong place which left Rob & Johnny floundering somewhat.

Rob had volume on his side and barely needed the PA. He was actually asked by the Visiting Air Ambulance pilot to turn down as he couldn't hear his own helicopter engine from the next field. It seems Rob's deep bass sound waves caused an air current displacement and landing proved risky.

However, that's bloody rock & roll and don't let them tell you different. Roll on next year.


Biker Bash, Maple Cross, May 2

A biker bash! These are always great fun to play and this one was no exception. The audience usually likes the music hot and nasty and Burn served up a rather tasty treat of both.

Rob Sas with Tracey in tow is not a man to remain subdued when there are ladies to impress so, wearing his lucky pants, he set light to his guitar with flaming licks and roasting riffs till the lacquer threatened to burn off both his guitar and his lady's hair. The Party D.J. singled him out between sets as a man who could "really play".

Pouring fuel on the rock & roll fire was drummer Ross Elder who not only had a woman in tow but wanted an early night as he planned to go to the seaside first thing in the morning and so played the entire set at a fiery pace. This lad is a one man Bunsen Burner and when set alight can always be guaranteed to keep the heat on.

Bassist Johnny wasn't just the charcoal between these two rocking barbecue-ers. He torched the vocals like an incendiary bomb and his bass was louder than Hiroshima though far less destructive.

When suggestions came from the floor such as Paranoid and Freebird, the band met them head on. These two numbers were met with terrific appreciation and were suggested for a permanent place in the bands repertoire. Well, until Ross snarled "never again" through gritted teeth!

Still, there you go. A Burn night is always a guarantee of rock & roll either half baked or smouldering.


Fleur de Lise, Stokenchurch, March 27

Back in Stokenchurch for the first time in five months, this was a less wet evening than back in November when the boys last made some rockular noise here. It was also the first time the band had played together in over a month so there was anticipation in the air and a desire to do good stuff. In the audience was Johnny's old sparring partner from Raw Glory, Cosmo  who had come to check out both him and drummer Ross Elder. Our best wishes to Glory drummer Mick Underwood who is out of action for a while but is recovering his health steadily.

As a result of this, Ross felt the need to put in a top performance which others might have described as "showing off" but it was all to the good. He pushed, pulled and prodded the band along and woe betide anyone who failed to get swept up in the flow. One such was Johnny Heywood a bass player known in musical circles as a "bass player" and he had a bass to play tonight. Accusations of him not being able to sing at the same time were forgotten as he proved how a man can multi-task. All this plus a little breathing at the same time led many to believe he had sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads at midnight to get so talented but there were more still who knew he was always in bed with hot milk by 11-45pm so the answer must lie elsewhere.

Rob Sas on guitar, wore his heart on his sleeve somewhat due to recent emotional topsy turvy comings and goings but when the rock chequered flag went down he was off at Formula 1 speed and with new tyres on for dry conditions, he cornered and changed gear with his old panache and flair. Sometimes he played some stuff that was ok, not to get too sentimental about it.

Once more the boys announced themselves content and took off into the night like men who knew only the lifestyle of rock & roll troubadours.


Bell Vue, High Wycombe, February 21

After last nights rather disappointing concert, it was certain the Burn boys would return with a vengeance. After all, the Belle Vue is the favourite gig of the band and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

That's how it was too! Drummer Ross Elder was in the mood to party. He'd recently played with Raw Glory (Johnny's old band) and had been "encouraged" to show off a bit more than normal. To this end he supplied a drum solo when none was expected and had his band mates suitably impressed even though they'd heard this many times before. His use of rim shots within a roll had Johnny waxing enthusiastically - "that was quite good," he gushed.

Rob, a guitarist of no fixed woman seemed to have sorted out his life from recent spiritual troubles. He played like a man on a mission to rock and was welcoming others to join him on his quest. The good of people of High Wycombe were happy to oblige and the notes streamed out of his fingertips via his fretboard and a very loud Marshall amplifier.

Newest song - Day Of The Eagle was performed and seemed to be finding it's groove although Johnny admitted he still couldn't understand the rhythm and simply watched Ross's hands to see when the cymbal was about to be hit then started playing. Not very musical but "very feckin' rock & roll," says Johnny. Axe of choice was the Fender Precision which has seen most of Burn's gigs over the last 6 months. Famous for his use of multi stringed basses, it seems a retro step to be using a bass made in 1958. "Not at all retro", quothe the bass man. "I've just stepped back to an earlier time in musical instruments".

Yeah, right. With that the Burn boys disappeared into the night leaving a trail of blood, destruction and devastation behind them though some also said it had been "a very nice gig".


Gade & Goose, Hemel Hempstead, February 20

Johnny mentioned that he'd played this venue some 15 years ago with Soul Purpose and remembered it as a good venue and so was looking forward to it. Sadly, his enthusiasm was misplaced.

Not what one would call an out and out music venue, it started badly when drummer Ross Elder arrived first and set his drums up in the wrong place and was not advised by the staff till it was too late. This meant that the band actually played in the wrong bar - perhaps there were hundreds of fans waiting patiently next door and never got to see the mighty Burn giving it large.

It's a possibility but meanwhile the lads went at it regardless of the small throng of punters observing the noisy rock band. Many of them left before the end and never was the phrase "gig from hell" more apt.

In fact, I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.

What gig?


Rising Sun, Slough, February 13th

It may have been Friday the 13th but it was only good luck that prevailed in the borough of Slough when the Burn Roller Coaster hit town. It was the first gig of the new year thanks to a couple of cancellations last month which were completely unexpected and totally unwanted.

Ross and John had women in tow which may have helped them produce a very good performance as rock goes hand in hand with showing off to ladies and guitar playing becomes penis shaking. There is no greater exponent of willie waving than young Robbie Sas and it was nice to see him shake off the shackles of the past and get down to some dirty axe work. At this rate, he will be back to practising again and then heaven knows how good he could be!

Johnny & Ross were on fire as a rhythm section and piled on the pressure in a rock-tastic sort of way giving no quarter and asking for none. Johnny admitted he was a little under par vocally but it was only noticeable if you bothered to listen and even then he made up for it by shouting.

Venues seem to be falling by the wayside at the moment and the credit crunch is taking no prisoners. Two or three much needed clubs have ceased trading and looking for bands so it may get worse before it gets better yet.