Jacqui's leaving bash, Keystones, Worcester, October 12, 2012

This was the bands last gig till 2013 and the boys were ready for it. It was Jacqui's leaving bash before heading off to the sun to start a new life with Rob in Spain where he has been living since February. "Yes, I've been living in Spain since February", confirmed Rob. "Now I'm taking Jacqui back with me, so there." Anyone who knows the couple know that their history goes back 30 years.

Burn, now an established four piece band launched into Wishing Well as the opening number followed by Can't Get Enough before settling into their stride for the evening. Highlights of the night were Catch The Rainbow and Heaven And Hell.... Oh, and Phil's striking pair of rocking sunglasses! Phil's sexy and cool bass sounds had Rob silent a few times as he enjoyed the rumblings coming from Phil's side of the stage. "He's so cool" purred Rob. "Good job I'm not a chick!! What an amazing bass player and a lovely guy." Luka was back to his normal self and was in fine voice, too. Garry and Rob exchanged the usual pleasantries throughout the gig, so it looked like all was good and normal in the Burn camp.

The boys had a great time and for Jacqui whose bash it was, this was a time of goodbye and tears from friends and family alike.

With the gig finished, the boys realised that it has been eleven months since they first played together and it will be some time before they reconvene next year. Man love ensued. With that, they wearily dragged equipment up the stairs out of the venue. Phil headed back south and Rob, Garry and Luka stayed overnight at Jacqui's, thereby avoiding a long drive home.

Pictures of the gig are on the gallery


Garry's 50th Birthday Bash, Club 85, Hitchin, October 6, 2012

An interesting evening was had at Garry's 50th birthday bash at this large and really nice music venue! Various bands and artists played that night, so Burn kicked off proceedings with a 45 minute set of Classic Rock, leaving out the Deep Purple numbers so that 24 Carat Purple would be able to play them later in the evening. Someone remarked that the Burn line-up looked identical to the 24 Carat Purple line-up! Fair point, especially as we had keys man Joe Orban guesting with the band tonight. Who cares?! It was a different kind of night and highly enjoyable. The band kicked off with Wishing Well, and warmed up with songs like Cant Get Enough, Radar Love, swiftly followed by big numbers like Heaven and Hell and the well received Lady Starstruck.

Luka, despite being a little distracted this evening was in fine vocal form, once again performing like a Rock God to the packed venue. Phil was in great form and was in a jazzy frame of mind, adding a few "substitutions" to songs but no one cared and everyone was laughing the whole evening through. A great fun gig!! Happy birthday, Garry.

Just one gig left for this year on October 12......


Oddfellows, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, September 2, 2012

The last time the band played this venue, it was winter, cold, raining and frontman Luka was 20 minutes late which meant the landlord who happens to sing in a band joined Burn for a few classics. This was a late afternoon gig on a Sunday so no trouble for Luka to get there in time. Though once the curtains were closed to allow the pubs lightshow to work better, it could have been the middle of the night and no one would have cared!

The band launched into Wishing Well to start and settled into a great rocking set. Again Phil had his big arsed bass and relaxed cool hand manner working and Luka was doing is rock star thing at the front. Marvellous. The venue filled steadily and by mid set the pub was very busy. There was an extremely humorous occurrence: During the end of Mistreated, with Luka pouring his heart and soul into a beautifully sung ending,..... a loud and unapologetic burp emanated from the back of the band which had everyone in the building in total hysterics.... Even Luka was ruined! A brilliant moment and perhaps Garry may try to burp much more quietly next time!

Garry and Rob watched from the back and pronounced themselves rather happy with this band line up. "Yes. I am rather happy with this band line up" confirmed Garry. Rob concurred whole heartedly and at the end of the gig, it was man love all round. Sadly the guys wont be meeting again until October 6, at Garry's 50th birthday.....


August Bank Holiday Weekend, 2012.

Burn reconvened this weekend as a four piece band with Phil on awesome bass and Luka on Rock histrionic vocals! Two gigs were played over the August Bank Holiday weekend, one at the Belle Vue in High Wycombe on Saturday August 25 and the next at the Annual Ley Hill Music & Beer Festival, where Burn have played many times.  Once again Luka drew the assembled crowds into his web at both gigs, conducting sing alongs in his own rockular manner, ably demonstrated on the outside stage at Ley Hill. Phil drove the band along with a wonderful big arsed sound and a cool manner. He didnít stop smiling often over the weekend. Garry does what he does best and thatís beating drums into submission. This was the bands first outing since the end of January when Rob moved to Spain but seeing as he was visiting, it seemed a good idea to do a few gigs.  Ley Hill was Robís former stamping ground and many times he was seen with a pint in his hand. This line-up of Burn certainly kick it and with a frontman of the calibre of Luka, you can see why. Pictures are in the gallery.

One more gig on September 2 at Oddfellows before another few weeks off and Garry's birthday bash in October.


The Crown, Ley Hill January 28, 2012

This was a special night. The last Burn gig before Rob leaves the UK to live in south Spain permanently; thereby making future gigs an occasional affair. The Crown was chosen as this last gig, the pub being Robís local. The place was packed with friends, family, and most of Ley Hill who showed up to wave two fingers at the emigrating guitarist.

The band ran through a vast array of classic rock material in their usual high quality matter. It was a very emotional night, lots of alcohol was consumed and Rob was either sweating heavily or had something in his eye, as he left The Crown as a regular local for the last time.

Next gig is The Wheatsheaf in Dunstable on August 4.


Belle Vue, High Wycombe, January 14, 2012

The Belle Vue is always a favourite with the band to play. Great people, great atmosphere, great sound and always a great gig. Unfortunately John was once again missing in action elsewhere so the bands super-deps Phil and Luka stepped in. How would the High Wycombe locals react to such a radical change in line up, even if for just one night? The answer was forthcoming almost from the moment the band startedÖ. the assembled crowd loved it. The boys pulled out a stunning performance and frontman/singer Luka had the audience eating out of his hand, conducting sing-alongs and holding court like only a vocal Rock Warrior can. Phil pumped out a very solid and reliable bass foundation, never missing a beat or a trick. Garry beat his drums, very much on a mission and sounded wonderful. Rob was in full flight and played like a Guitar God.

Classic songs like Mistreated, Radar Love, Highway Star, Wishing Well and Catch The Rainbow are just a few of the numbers played.

A blindingly brilliant gig by the end of which, no one remembered who John Heywood is!!!

Sadly, this will be the last Burn Belle Vue gig till August.