What is it that make Rob "Nobby" Sas so different? Is it his guitar playing? No! Is it his uniquely wide & varied tastes in music? No! It is simply that he has abused his body beyond belief over the years & we think it's incredible that he has survived.   Mr Sasmore, we salute you!    

See what abuse Rob has inflicted. Click on different parts of his anatomy & recoil in horror!





















Wrists & Hands: Severe trauma over the years. Some of it from guitar playing but usually punching walls in anger (never people). Often seen in plaster or in a big elastic sock-bandage. Recently came 2nd in fight with rogue flower vase. Still plunges wrists into ice water to "ease the fire" of tendonitis.
















 Broken ribs. Caused by an argument with gravity. Gravity won. House furniture not damaged too much and ballet lessons booked immediately after the accident should prevent repetition.














No, NOT medical heart problems. Rob's suffers from broken heart syndrome. Caused by fickle ladies. The bitches don't understand him nor his latent sexual power.















Perhaps the 8th Wonder of the World. More infamous than famous, it is the damage caused by "Little Rob" more than the damaged received that has gone down in folklore. Comes in all shapes and sizes.














Leg & ankle. Hurt more than once. Most ludicrous was damage received climbing onto roof of a moving car whilst in a seething rage. The car reacted badly and Rob was ejected. It would have really hurt had his ankle not given way under the force. Plaster and bandage again.














Mouth. Lip expertly fattened during spousal disagreement. Also used once to sing backing vocals for soul diva Taka Boom. Was ALMOST punched in the gob as punishment! Often gets Rob into trouble with the fewest words possible.
















Hair. Has been used by assailants (usually women) to force Rob in directions he would not choose. Rumoured to be this long as a result of stretching.














Black eye. Claimed it was "3 big guys" but spousal abuse suspected.














Shoulders.  Well, not actually hurt yet..... but just give it time. Watch this space.