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Phil Crombie - Bass          

Phil got his first bass guitar (a Kay precision copy!) when he was 16.  He was soon playing in the Redbridge based Aunt Lucy (featuring Dave Gray of SIDEWINDER), having told them he could play most of the songs on Led Zep II!  After a couple of years, the drummer left, and the band put out an advert for a Bonham style drummer.  Phil remembers Garry Randall coming along to audition.  Garry had a massive double bass drum kit, and blew Aunt Lucy away!  He was in, and Garry and Phil became good friends. 

When Aunt Lucy eventually split a few years later, the rhythm section went on to work with the now deceased Mick Taylor (from the Chesham area).  Garry soon got fed up with endless rehearsing and no gigs, and moved on to other things.

 Phil was recruited by The Workhouse – an East London band performing their own material.  The Workhouse built their own recording studio and worked long and hard trying to get a deal.  No deal transpired and eventually drummer Bob Fagan left to return to his Dublin home, where he is still found playing in pubs and clubs.  Phil continued to record with singer/songwriter Stewart Allen, but without a drummer there were no more gigs. 

The Mesa Boogie got packed up in Phil’s shed about 15 years ago, and Phil pretty much retired from the gigging scene.  In 2011, Garry got in touch with Phil when Burn’s then bassist/singer couldn’t make one of the gigs.  Having extracted the spiders from the bass rig, it was with some trepidation that Phil went and performed with Burn at a gig in Hitchin.  This was also Luka’s first gig – and the new boys had a ball.  It wasn’t long before there were two more gigs in the offing, and the gigs got better and better, ending with a classic night at the Belle Vue in High Wycombe just before Christmas.  It then transpired that this wasn’t just depping – the post was permanent, and it looks like Burn got their wicked way  - getting Phil back out and gigging.