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Rob's long awaited second solo album is to be released during January 2010.  The album entitled Sassed, will be available only by digital download. To check out the album and download songs, visit
PARTLY COVERED - Rob Sas. Rob's first solo album features a mixture of original songs dating back to his previous bands and instrumental cover versions of classic songs. Rob's virtuoso guitar is featured heavily throughout.
                                       1 Black Night                     9 Road To Nowhere
                                       2 Dangerous Game           10 Best Of Both Worlds
                                       3 Heaven Above               11 Apache
                                       4 Taking It Out On Me     12 Annabel
                                       5 Snowman                      13 The Loner
                                       6 The Firing Line              14 Wring That Neck
                                       7 Is Anyone There            15 Still Got The Blues
                                       8 Theresa                         16 Instra-mental


                                             To purchase a copy contact Rob here

                                    Download sample song here

What they said......

3 out of 5 stars. Great guitar work done with feeling without the clutter of too much shred.
Reviewer: George Baca on CDbaby.com
Sometimes musicians are so busy showing off their technique and speed that they forget the song itself. Rob Sas gets it. Great guitar work done with feeling and taste without the clutter of too much shred. The song is the most important part of the whole presentation, and with Rob and his mates, it shows in the recording, the mix, and all. Right on, Rob!

4 out of 5 stars.  A nice surprise.
Reviewer: Jimmy Baker on CDBaby.com
Having listened to the samples on CD Baby, I have to say this is quite a surprising album for something listed in the Rock section! Sure, there's plenty of rock but there's also some really cool and mellow sounds I didn't really expect to hear. I'll be buying a copy!